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Dublin South FM
How many people listen?
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Dublin South FM

Solid Sound is a show on Dublin South FM and would be nothing without the staff and volunteers who make the station happen. It is community radio, and "community" means people in an area, as well as people with a common interest. We broadcast to Dublin, and while the show is mainly focused on Dublin, we are interested in what is going on across the island of Ireland.

For more information about Dublin South FM, have a look over at the DublinSouthFM.ie Website

Guest mixes

Find out detailed information about Submitting Guest Mixes.

How many people listen to your show?

This is the question that every broadcaster wants to know. In Ireland, there are official statistics published for radio listenership, aka: JNLR numbers. In April 2015, circa 16,650 people were surveyed;

   • 84% of all adults listen to the radio every weekday.
   • In Dublin, 47% listen to some 'regional / local' radio during the weekday.
   • In Dublin, of 15 to 35 year olds, 61% listen to some 'regional / local' radio during the weekday.

Music policy

I get bored easily.

Music has to be full of energy and imagination. Genres such as; jungle, mutant bass, ghetto-tek, bounce, hardcore techno, acid, drum & frenchcore, bass, breakcore, electro house, psy-trance, garage, old skool breakbeat hardcore and house, gabber, juke and footwork.

Educate me about good music! Send me links to good stuff. I'm clueless about a good chunk of stuff that goes out on the show, I just know I like it.

Getting in contact

Add Kushti on facebook and chat there ;)

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