Radio Presenter, DJ & Promoter. Dublin, Ireland.

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Kushti truly is a one of a kind DJ with his own mash ups and unique style of mixing never playing just the one genre constantly changing his choice of tunes to suit the crowd. Expect anything from Jungle, Old-school, breakbeat hardcore, bassline, ghetto tech, tekno, acid and on occasion will dabble in techno, house, gabber but never breakcore!

An old school veteran of the early 90's UK rave scene who's been DJing on and off for 20 years. He started out on some awful home-tweaked decks, then progressed to playing Technics 1210's at house parties. After experiencing the genesis of the early 90's rave, he moved to the Netherlands in 1996 to peruse his love of gabber. In the first decade of the new millennium things quietened down. He moved back to the UK and then on to Ireland while he focused on family.

In 2013 his passion for music was reignited when he began presenting Solid Sound radio show on Dublin South FM 93.9FM and was part of The Energy Collective crew until 2018. Like any old schooler, vinyl still has place in his heart, but these days he pushes buttons on a laptop, with the occasional dabble on CDJ's. He sees digital performance as the only way to experience so many different genre's of music and keep things fresh. Aiming to make each major set he plays as unique as possible.

1996, living in Holland

Drinking Chateauneuf de Pape, on the doorstep of the chalet, Bangface Weekender 2015

Rise of the Celts, Bangface Weekender 2018

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