What is it?

Tuesday 9-11pm
Solid Sound is a radio-show and podcast broadcast / podcast every week.

Established in 2013. Hosted by Kushti.

Every Tuesday on 93.9FM in Dublin, Tune-In and Dublin South FM.
You will be treated and greeted with some amazing random 'rave' music.

The main elements are: Interviews, Music Releases, Guest Mixes and New Music Reviews, as well as any other random things that happen as they happen.

What is Hard Rave Music?

You'll get anything from; Jungle, Techno, Ghetto Funk, Hardcore techno, Garage, Drum & Bass, Electro house, Mutant Bass, Bounce, Gabber, Old school breakbeat hardcore, Breakcore and well just about anything.

Always on the look-out for something NEW so fire me tunes or if you're a DJ, then join the guest mix crew and send me on a 30 minute mix. Don't ask "what should I play". Play the tunes you love and share that passion. It's community radio and we are the Dublin Rave Community!

Most recent shows...