Solid Sound

Tuesday 9pm - 11pm on DSFM 93.9FM

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Solid Sound

The sound of Dublin's Underground Rave scene!
Every Tuesday on 93.9FM in Dublin, and online around the world on Tune-In app and Dublin South FM, you'll get some random 'rave' music.

You'll get anything from; Jungle, Techno, Ghetto Funk, Hardcore techno, Garage, Drum & Bass, Electro house, Mutant Bass, Bounce, Gabber, Old school breakbeat hardcore, Breakcore and well just about anything.

Always on the look-out for something NEW, so fire me tunes (facebook below) or if you're a DJ, then join the guest mix crew and send me on a 30 minute mix. Don't ask "what should I play". Play the tunes you love and share that passion. It's community radio and we are the Dublin Rave Community!

You'll often find me at The Energy Collective, and being open-minded about rave
and it's all inclusive nature, give big prop's to Springfield Crew Massive, Northside Jungle,
Black Lip, Jungle Boogie, Pressure, Drank and anything else.

If you have an event on and want a shout, give me a buzz.


Solid Sound is presented every week by me, Kushti.
My passion is to bring what I love, out to the people, DJ'ing at clubs and festivals.

Been DJing on and off for 20 years, starting out on some awful home-tweaked decks, then progressed to Technics 1210's.
Yes this guy in the picture here really is me, living in Holland, looking like I'm 12.

These day's you'll find me pushing buttons on the laptop with my contollers.
Buy me a pint and I'll bore you with why :)

If you want to book me as a DJ, give me a shout. I never say no, but do limit myself to 2 gigs per month and am very limited during Summer and Christmas period.
If I'm playing a 1 hour set, I like to put 10 hours of preparation into it (or 20+ hours).
I'll get my genres down, the tempo, the vibe and make edits and sometimes mash-ups.
... it's got to be good. No half-measures.

Feel free to add me / msg me on Facebook - Kushti
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