Bang out a Guest Mix

Here are some guidelines

Most people do a Guest Mix, some producers choose to do a Producer mix...

  • Guest mix - is a DJ set, mixing music from various artists. These are 30 minutes long (give or take a few minutes).
  • Producer mix - is a DJ set, mixed by a producer and contains their own music, remixes or bootlegs. It can be ANY length between 25 - 90 minutes.
  • Exclusive - mixes need to be Exclusive to Solid Sound channel, and not released or available anywhere else.
  • Genre - that's totally up to you. Play from your heart, whatever you are excited about. Please try to be original and enjoy yourself!
  • Tracklist - would be nice, but entirely optional.
  • 320kbps mp3 - mixes are broadcast on FM radio, which is actually pretty grainy and goes through heavy compression before going to the antenna. Also, mixes are uploaded to SoundCloud and Hypeddit as mp3 in 320kbps. It makes everyone's life easier. You can send me .wav or .flac if you want, that's not a problem, but MP3 is the preferred format.
  • The door is always open, and the list is operated on First come, First played order. So when there are 4 mixes "in the bag", mixes submitted after will go in the next guest mix show.

These are not hard rules written in stone! Talk to me if you need to.

What are the benefits to me?

If I think the mix is up to standard (have yet to decline a mix), then ...

  • Hypeddit - the mp3 can be downloaded via Hypeddit, with a gate step of Follow Your Account, optional Repost
  • FM Radio play - your mix will be played on the radio on 93.9FM in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Playlist - your mix will feature at the top of the "Solid Mixes" play list for a number of weeks, along-side 100+ other mixes with combined listen count of 50k+
  • Syndication - the mix will go out to HearThis, Spotify and possibly YouTube and others. As time permits, it'll get all the push I can muster.
  • Mastering - if your mix needs it, the mix will get a light touch mastering. (see below)
  • Artwork - using my ninja paint skills, I'll create a graphic for the mix

Sending files

The two simplest options for sending files are

Upload the mix to your SoundCloud as Private with Download Enabled, then Share the sound and send me the link.

We Transfer
Go to Select "free" option. Click the (...) and select "Send as Link". Add your files, click "Transfer" and then send me the Link to download.

Mastering a DJ mix

If your mix needs it, I can will "Master" your mix. Just to give it a lift. If you do not want this, just let me know. A good few mixes that are sent don't really need it. Here is a video I made on the subject..

I don't claim to be a Sound Engineer or professional, but this is what works for me.

Editing a DJ mix

Editing is cheating, or is it? Well if your 20 minutes into the mix and fuck up, rewind and go again. If your not capable of editing, send it on and I'll try to edit it for you.

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